måndag 10 mars 2014

Today was a good day!

The day started really good by uncle Ibrahim’s wife Antoinette, making American pancakes with syrup, cream, Nutella and blueberry. After that we went to the gym with Gabriel to burn the calories and fat we ate to breakfast. The gym is very close to the famous beach called Clewar Beach. The sand is white and the people there say that it comes from Caribbean. The water is blue and we could see everything in the bottom of the ocean, that is just amazing and we are living a good life right now.

We decided to take some surfing lessons but Christer wasn’t brave enough to do that so we skipped it. Instead of surfing we took a sunbath and got very red, we felt almost directly that we had burned ourselves.

Michael bought some snorkel tools and he started to dive after awesome fishes. He was looking for sharks but luckily he didn’t see anything. After some hours we got hungry and went to the market and bought some barbeque food and some good drinks and went straight back to the beach. The clock was 6 pm. When we arrived to the beach and started up a fire. We had called Christers cousins and they came right away. We paid for everything and saw that as an opportunity to repay for everything they had done to us.

This day was very chill and we learned do know his cousins a lot more. They told us that they had a surprise for us tomorrow, so we are very excited to see what’s waiting

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