måndag 10 mars 2014


Today we had a really good day and we spend much time to learn to know a lot of people and didn’t have any problem speaking with them. The day started by getting waked up 09:00 am. by uncle Ibrahim. He asked us if we wanted to go with him to his gas station just to spend some time with him and to waste some time until 12 o’clock. Anyway we ate a British breakfast witch was very tasteful.

The gas station we were going to was Shell and is a well-known gas station that even exists in Sweden. When we were on the way Christer asked his uncle if there was any good restaurants that we could go to, so uncle Ibrahim drove with the car to a well-known restaurant called Hooters and the good thing was that, Hooters just were 5 minutes from the gas station so we decided to eat there after we finished with the visit at the gas station.

The day was running really fast and suddenly the clock was 3 pm. We had finished eating in hooters and we must say that, that place was very very good and the truth is that we weren’t enjoying the food but the lightly dressed girls on the rollerblades.

The day flew away and we did a lot of things, but mostly we ate a lot of delicious food. We decided to buy things to our families and it ended with three shopping bags each, but anyway it was good that we had this thing stroked from the list.

All summed up, we had a really nice day so far and we have met a lot of interesting and strange people at the streets today.            

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