torsdag 20 mars 2014

The day was awesome, we are so exhausted. Disney World was huge and we saw attractions everywhere we went. We don’t know where to begin because it is unexplainable. The whole Disney World area measured up to 10 Lisebergs that is the biggest amusement park in Sweden. We spent the day there with my uncle and his family, we were having a lot of fun and tried everything, they had some really creepy attractions. We also tried a lot of different restaurants. First we had lunch at KFC, then we had some dessert at Dunkin Donuts and later on we had some coffee at Starbucks.

We’ve always talked about going to Disney world and dreamed about eating at KFC and Dunkin Donuts and now the dream finally became reality. And honestly it was better than we thought. First of all the people over there is so much nicer than the people here in Sweden, they are so open armed and social, they love to talk to tourists like us and help us. Second of all the food over here is tastier and you feel like this is “the real deal”. For example in Dunkin Donuts, the donuts really taste more “real” and are better made. And the KFC, oh god it was like heaven for us. We never want to eat Sweden’s food again because of this.

The Disney world was in Orlando, one hour away from Florida, so we spent the night at my relative’s house because tomorrow we are going to spend the day at the famous Orlando outlet mall. That mall got a lot of stores with famous brands and also a lot of rare clothes that you can’t find somewhere else. It’s the perfect place for finding presents to our families and friends. And of course the perfect place to find clothes and shoes for ourselves. 

måndag 10 mars 2014

Today was a good day!

The day started really good by uncle Ibrahim’s wife Antoinette, making American pancakes with syrup, cream, Nutella and blueberry. After that we went to the gym with Gabriel to burn the calories and fat we ate to breakfast. The gym is very close to the famous beach called Clewar Beach. The sand is white and the people there say that it comes from Caribbean. The water is blue and we could see everything in the bottom of the ocean, that is just amazing and we are living a good life right now.

We decided to take some surfing lessons but Christer wasn’t brave enough to do that so we skipped it. Instead of surfing we took a sunbath and got very red, we felt almost directly that we had burned ourselves.

Michael bought some snorkel tools and he started to dive after awesome fishes. He was looking for sharks but luckily he didn’t see anything. After some hours we got hungry and went to the market and bought some barbeque food and some good drinks and went straight back to the beach. The clock was 6 pm. When we arrived to the beach and started up a fire. We had called Christers cousins and they came right away. We paid for everything and saw that as an opportunity to repay for everything they had done to us.

This day was very chill and we learned do know his cousins a lot more. They told us that they had a surprise for us tomorrow, so we are very excited to see what’s waiting


Today we had a really good day and we spend much time to learn to know a lot of people and didn’t have any problem speaking with them. The day started by getting waked up 09:00 am. by uncle Ibrahim. He asked us if we wanted to go with him to his gas station just to spend some time with him and to waste some time until 12 o’clock. Anyway we ate a British breakfast witch was very tasteful.

The gas station we were going to was Shell and is a well-known gas station that even exists in Sweden. When we were on the way Christer asked his uncle if there was any good restaurants that we could go to, so uncle Ibrahim drove with the car to a well-known restaurant called Hooters and the good thing was that, Hooters just were 5 minutes from the gas station so we decided to eat there after we finished with the visit at the gas station.

The day was running really fast and suddenly the clock was 3 pm. We had finished eating in hooters and we must say that, that place was very very good and the truth is that we weren’t enjoying the food but the lightly dressed girls on the rollerblades.

The day flew away and we did a lot of things, but mostly we ate a lot of delicious food. We decided to buy things to our families and it ended with three shopping bags each, but anyway it was good that we had this thing stroked from the list.

All summed up, we had a really nice day so far and we have met a lot of interesting and strange people at the streets today.            

måndag 3 mars 2014


The weather is beautiful and the sun hits our faces in a 35 degrees heat. All the time we spent in the airplanes and the airport is now forgotten and it feels like we are in a beautiful dream that can’t be compared to the gray and boring Sweden. The beaches are white and the girls are walking at the streets with bikinis and beautiful bodies, we are lucky that we are well built and the muscles on our body because otherwise we wouldn’t dare to walk o without t-shirts.

We landed in Florida 10 am because the airplane from Copenhagen to Florida were delayed, Chirister’s uncle met us at the airport and he drove us with his Range Rover to his big home with eight rooms. We arrived to his home 11 o’clock and we packed up and things. We even took a nap for about three hours and woke up when the big dinner was ready. We sat with Christer’s two uncles families and ate and talked a lot at the table. We all spoke Arabic because everybody could talk good Arabic. When someone didn’t understand we explained in englisharabic dialect and they were chocked about how good flow we had when we spoke English, and that’s our English teachers credit :)

After the dinner we walked with Gabriel, Samantha and Cassandra who is Christer’s uncle Ibrahim children. Gabriel is in the same age as us, Samantha is 22 years old and Cassandra is 14 years old. We took a walk along the beach and we saw palms everywhere. They even introduced us to their friends. Every single store in the area were closed because it was Sunday and 7 o’clock p.m.

Tomorrow we are going to visit uncle Ibrahim’ gas station that he owns by himself, the other uncle (Daniel) also owns a gas station but he doesn’t work tomorrow. After the visit we will go shopping and maybe go to the beach and tan.  

Hello guys, the airport is huge and there are a lot of people here which is normal at airports. We arrived to the airport after the trip with the “Arlanda express” train. It´s only take 20 minutes from the central of Stockholm to the airport. We have checked in and left our bags and we also got our tickets to the flight. Michael had some problems with the baggage because he got some overweight according to the airlines rules.
He was forced to pay or throw some of the clothes or other thing he had brought with him. The queue to the security control was a bit long but now we are done with that. But after we passed the control, all the stores, tax free, coffeshops and a lot of restaurant came up in our faces. We don´t now were we should begin at the taxfree or at the shop with the expensive brand perfumes or why not the restaurant with a really good and yummy brunch.
The clock moved on so fast that we was going to miss the plane. The two hours we should have to wait until we will fly moved on like water. We got really stressed and started to walk in a fast pace with all the bags and with the things we bought and with full stomach after the lovely and delicious brunch. But finally we arrived to the right gate and we showed the staff out passports with the tickets and even here they let us pass. We found our sites in the airplane which was full with a lot of people, especially families with children’s. Next post in the blog we will be in Florida with the hot sun and in my uncle’s crib. 

We has just got off the train in the Stockholm city and we are on the way to buy tickets to the Arlanda express, that will take us to the airport. The first plane we are flying with is Scandinavian Airlines that will take us to Copenhagen and after that we will change airplane to Delta Airlines which will take us to Florida in 9 hours. Christer and his big brother was in Florida for about three years ago, it means that Christer will be the “guide” in this trip. 

We now got the tickets for the train to Arlanda, but we have to wait for about an hour until the train will arrive, while waiting for the train we are going to drink a cup of coffe and eat a sandwich or something. Our packing is very heavy and it’s hard to drag them everywhere we are going. For now we just want to sit down and rest. We are tired but also very eager and are expecting a very good trip to Florida.

We are doing a schedule for every day and we have planned to not waste any minute. There is a lot to do in Florida and we are expecting it to be nice weather. Christer just received a call from one of his uncle who’s asking when we will arrive, so he can pick us up from the airport. They have planned a dinner with all the family including the other uncle just for us, and after that we will take a trip to the beach and just chill out.                                                                                             

Hi there and welcome to Michael and Christers blog

You’re going to follow us on a trip to Florida in the US, and the trip will last for about ten days. We going to wright about everything that we will do in Florida, who we will meet and what we’ll visit. People describe us as two guys who’re really adventures and have been travelling a lot, both with our families and friends. There is no year that traveling has been included in the summer vacation and we see it as a traditional thing to do.

This is our first time traveling together and our parents have finally accepted that we can travel for ourselves, because they say that we are mature enough to do such a big thing. The reason why we are allowed to travel is because our parents are cousins, which means that we are second cousins.

We took a trip to Florida because Christers two uncles’ lives there and they really are enjoying life over there. They have beautiful beaches, really nice weather, spectacular buildings etc. It seems that everything I Florida is good and of course we can find our favourite restaurant there, KFC, it is like heaven compared to Sweden!

Christers uncle Ibrahim is the one who offered us to live at his house and we will sleep there for 9 days. His other uncle is named Daniel and his house is full at this moment because a anoyher family from Sweden lives there for a while.  

Our bags are now jam packed and are really heavy, together we have five bags, four for the clothes and one for the presents that we will bring to Christers cousins. In the bags we only have summer clothes and some nice pants and it will be awesome to finally go around with some shorts and t-shirts.