måndag 3 mars 2014

Hello guys, the airport is huge and there are a lot of people here which is normal at airports. We arrived to the airport after the trip with the “Arlanda express” train. It´s only take 20 minutes from the central of Stockholm to the airport. We have checked in and left our bags and we also got our tickets to the flight. Michael had some problems with the baggage because he got some overweight according to the airlines rules.
He was forced to pay or throw some of the clothes or other thing he had brought with him. The queue to the security control was a bit long but now we are done with that. But after we passed the control, all the stores, tax free, coffeshops and a lot of restaurant came up in our faces. We don´t now were we should begin at the taxfree or at the shop with the expensive brand perfumes or why not the restaurant with a really good and yummy brunch.
The clock moved on so fast that we was going to miss the plane. The two hours we should have to wait until we will fly moved on like water. We got really stressed and started to walk in a fast pace with all the bags and with the things we bought and with full stomach after the lovely and delicious brunch. But finally we arrived to the right gate and we showed the staff out passports with the tickets and even here they let us pass. We found our sites in the airplane which was full with a lot of people, especially families with children’s. Next post in the blog we will be in Florida with the hot sun and in my uncle’s crib. 

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