torsdag 20 mars 2014

The day was awesome, we are so exhausted. Disney World was huge and we saw attractions everywhere we went. We don’t know where to begin because it is unexplainable. The whole Disney World area measured up to 10 Lisebergs that is the biggest amusement park in Sweden. We spent the day there with my uncle and his family, we were having a lot of fun and tried everything, they had some really creepy attractions. We also tried a lot of different restaurants. First we had lunch at KFC, then we had some dessert at Dunkin Donuts and later on we had some coffee at Starbucks.

We’ve always talked about going to Disney world and dreamed about eating at KFC and Dunkin Donuts and now the dream finally became reality. And honestly it was better than we thought. First of all the people over there is so much nicer than the people here in Sweden, they are so open armed and social, they love to talk to tourists like us and help us. Second of all the food over here is tastier and you feel like this is “the real deal”. For example in Dunkin Donuts, the donuts really taste more “real” and are better made. And the KFC, oh god it was like heaven for us. We never want to eat Sweden’s food again because of this.

The Disney world was in Orlando, one hour away from Florida, so we spent the night at my relative’s house because tomorrow we are going to spend the day at the famous Orlando outlet mall. That mall got a lot of stores with famous brands and also a lot of rare clothes that you can’t find somewhere else. It’s the perfect place for finding presents to our families and friends. And of course the perfect place to find clothes and shoes for ourselves. 

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