måndag 3 mars 2014

We has just got off the train in the Stockholm city and we are on the way to buy tickets to the Arlanda express, that will take us to the airport. The first plane we are flying with is Scandinavian Airlines that will take us to Copenhagen and after that we will change airplane to Delta Airlines which will take us to Florida in 9 hours. Christer and his big brother was in Florida for about three years ago, it means that Christer will be the “guide” in this trip. 

We now got the tickets for the train to Arlanda, but we have to wait for about an hour until the train will arrive, while waiting for the train we are going to drink a cup of coffe and eat a sandwich or something. Our packing is very heavy and it’s hard to drag them everywhere we are going. For now we just want to sit down and rest. We are tired but also very eager and are expecting a very good trip to Florida.

We are doing a schedule for every day and we have planned to not waste any minute. There is a lot to do in Florida and we are expecting it to be nice weather. Christer just received a call from one of his uncle who’s asking when we will arrive, so he can pick us up from the airport. They have planned a dinner with all the family including the other uncle just for us, and after that we will take a trip to the beach and just chill out.                                                                                             

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