måndag 3 mars 2014

Hi there and welcome to Michael and Christers blog

You’re going to follow us on a trip to Florida in the US, and the trip will last for about ten days. We going to wright about everything that we will do in Florida, who we will meet and what we’ll visit. People describe us as two guys who’re really adventures and have been travelling a lot, both with our families and friends. There is no year that traveling has been included in the summer vacation and we see it as a traditional thing to do.

This is our first time traveling together and our parents have finally accepted that we can travel for ourselves, because they say that we are mature enough to do such a big thing. The reason why we are allowed to travel is because our parents are cousins, which means that we are second cousins.

We took a trip to Florida because Christers two uncles’ lives there and they really are enjoying life over there. They have beautiful beaches, really nice weather, spectacular buildings etc. It seems that everything I Florida is good and of course we can find our favourite restaurant there, KFC, it is like heaven compared to Sweden!

Christers uncle Ibrahim is the one who offered us to live at his house and we will sleep there for 9 days. His other uncle is named Daniel and his house is full at this moment because a anoyher family from Sweden lives there for a while.  

Our bags are now jam packed and are really heavy, together we have five bags, four for the clothes and one for the presents that we will bring to Christers cousins. In the bags we only have summer clothes and some nice pants and it will be awesome to finally go around with some shorts and t-shirts.

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